Charles Noel Brady

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Charles Brady passed away at age 72 on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 in Bakersfield, California. Mr. Brady was unusually humble for his accomplishments. He previously was principal trumpet with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, DC. He also made one of the best recordings of L'Histoire du Soldat with Igor Stravinsky conducting his own work.

Brass and Trumpet Repairs and Maintenance

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Trumpet And Brass Instrument Repairs

A professional level hand made instrument that is the quality above the usual mass produced assembly line instruments demands a quality repairman. The following repairmen are ones I have personally dealt with and watched as they produce precision, quality and beauty. They all go beyond the usual music store repairmen in that they have actual knowledge of manufacturing from the ground up and can build replacement parts if needed.

Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop

Lee Loughnane Interview About Claude Gordon And The CG Selmer Trumpet by John La Barbera

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Thirty years is a long time to play in a band let alone with the same horn section. Nevertheless, Lee Loughnane (pronounced Lock-nain) has done just that with the world-famous band Chicago. To my knowledge, no other horn section of any band has been together that long. Those of you who have been out there know that friendships have a hard time standing up to the rigors of road life. The staying power of this section attests to the uniqueness of their music and spirit.

Trumpet and Brass Playing Frequently Asked Questions by Jeff Purtle

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Trumpet and Brass Playing Frequently Asked Questions

This is not meant to be a stand alone article, but to address questions from the first two articles, How To Practice and What To Practice, which should be read first.

Categories of Questions:

Saint Jacome Method - Original Text From 1894 edition

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The Cornet is without contradiction one of the easiest instruments to play as regards the fingering, and one of the most difficult in regard to the Embouchure.

It bears some analogy to the human voice in its compass, and in the manner in which respiration is conducted. That is why it has on many occasions been styled the Tenor of the Orchestra.

The manner of learning to play it differs essentially from that in which any other sort of instrument is learnt.

Clarke's Technical Studies, Then and Now by Jeff Purtle

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In 1912 Herbert L. Clarke wrote one of the mostly widely used trumpet method books. It is still in use today by every serious professional and aspiring professional trumpet and brass player. The size of the book, 53 pages, is far outweighed by the volume of wisdom contained in just a few brief comments on how to use the book. This book however, like many books, has been subjected to reinterpretation. In the early 1980s the book was reprinted with translations into three languages (English, German, and French). At that time the English text was changed, possibly for easier translation.

What To Practice by Jeff Purtle

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The following is intended to show how to apply all the information covered in the first article entitled How To Practice. Since playing a brass instrument is a physical experience it is impossible for anyone to completely learn and understand the first article on the seven items until they have experienced them through daily structured practice. There will be those who “try” some things and then say that it does not work for them. The truth of the matter is that they never understood what they were “trying” to do.

How To Practice by Jeff Purtle

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How To Practice

How often have you heard that someone is a great instrumentalist because they are a “natural” and that “naturals” are rare? That is not true! Playing a brass instrument is easy if done correctly. Watch the best players and notice how easy they make it seem. By contrast, watch the many high school and college students turning red trying to play high notes. They try every gimmick known hoping they will discover “the secret.” They waste money and time on mouthpieces, instruments and other equipment.

Claude Gordon and Jeff Purtle (The Brass Herald, May 2009 issue)

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“Don’t stop where I have gone!” said Claude Gordon to his students. That was the same admonition given to Gordon from Herbert L. Clarke. My previous three articles dealt with Claude Gordon himself, the content of his teaching, and how to apply it in a daily practice routine. This article is about moving forward in brass playing and teaching.

Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke (The Brass Herald, December 2008 issue) by Jeff Purtle

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Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke are two of the most significant names in brass playing history. They both enjoyed exceptional playing careers, authored books, designed instruments and had an enormous impact on professional brass players in their private teaching and through their books. Claude studied with Clarke ten years after moving the Los Angeles from Montana in the middle of the 1930s Great Depression. The content of their teaching was identical.

Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke

Walter Civettini - Testimonial

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Well..I'm Walter from Italy....I'm a professional Jazz trumpet player and teacher in Italy near Garda Lake (north Italy close to Austria ) ....after 20 years of playing around Italy and Europe I wasn't happy at all because I wasn't really able to keep my standard always on the top....I used to practice 3-4 hours a day, doing warm ups (like buzz mouthpiece for 20 minutes, flow studies, etc. ,doing breathing exercises but any time I was on the stage my feeling was different.......

Walter Civettini - trumpet
Walter Civettini

Lake Garda, Italy

Andrea Tofanelli - Testimonial

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"Jeff Purtle has done an unbelievable favour to all the trumpeters in the world by preserving the teaching of great masters as Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke and deciding to share it with us through his interesting website. Thanks to Jeff for his high contribution to the trumpeters' community".

Andrea Tofanelli - trumpet
Andrea Tofanelli

Italian Trumpet Virtuoso

Philippe Schartz - Testimonial

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Jeff Purtle and his website is an essential gate to first class brass teaching. 
Not only does Jeff keep the invaluable Claude Gordon material and teaching philosophy alive and up to date, but Jeff himself is an inspirational and influential teacher who shows great care and dedication in getting the best results for all his many brass students worldwide.

Philippe Schartz - trumpet
Philippe Schartz

Section Principal Trumpet - BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Principal Trumpet SEL, Luxembourg

Bill Bing - Testimonial

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Jeff Purtle is the person best to carry on the work that Claude Gordon had done in his time. Jeff knows much more about Claude than anyone I know. Lucky is the trumpet player who is able to access so much information and music via your web site.

Bill Bing - trumpet
Bill Bing

Los Angeles, CA
Studio and Freelance Trumpet Player
Director of Bands at CalTech and Occidental College
California State University Northridge
California State University Fullerton
California State University Los Angeles
Biola College

Mike Gallagher - Testimonial

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One of the joys I experienced while playing Daddy Warbucks in 'Annie' at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC in September, 2013 was hearing the crisp, warm sound of the trumpet solo at the beginning of the overture every night.    Jeff Purtle did an outstanding job in every number and helped make a relatively small orchestra sound much bigger than it actually was.    Jeff is one terrific trumpet player!

Mike Gallagher

New York, NY
The Mike Gallagher Show