Online Trumpet Lessons & Masterclasses with Jeff Purtle

Learn to Play the Trumpet Online:

Dive into the world of trumpet playing with expert guidance from Jeff Purtle. With the convenience of FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom video chat, players across all skill levels can easily master the trumpet.

A Pioneer in Online Trumpet Teaching:

Jeff Purtle, boasting experience since 1984, revolutionized online trumpet and brass lessons in 2004. Now, students from six continents enjoy weekly lessons under his guidance.

Protégé of Claude Gordon:

Building on the legacies of Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke, Jeff specializes in effortless playing and efficient practice. Jeff's unique approach involves personalized routines using method books, enhancing what's possible in brass playing.

The Jeff Purtle Difference:

Self-teaching has its limitations. Jeff offers a mentorship that illuminates the path to mastery. Don't just take our word for it; hear what David Bertie, a notable student, says about Jeff's private lessons.

An International Presence:

Jeff Purtle's trumpet recitals span from the USA to the UK. He's spoken at the International Trumpet Guild Conference and attracted international attendees to his brass conferences. His students shine in top orchestras across the USA, UK, and China.

Benefits of Online Lessons:

Online sessions catch and rectify bad habits quickly, adapt to individual needs, and ensure steady progress.

Crash Course & Online Combination:

For international students, Jeff offers in-person Crash Courses followed by online sessions. Locations are easily accessible from major airports, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

The Key to Trumpet Mastery:

Continuous improvement in trumpet and brass playing requires good habits. Regular lessons, both offline and online, pave the way to excellence.


Discover how Jeff has transformed the musical journeys of many. Read student testimonials about their experiences with trumpet and brass lessons.