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Rob Perry plays to Triple High C and Beyond


Rob Perry has studied with me since May 2012 and KO Skisness shot this video of Rob at the Stomvi booth at the 2013 International Trumpet Guild Conference. Rob is a comeback trumpet player and at the time of this video he had been playing less than two years. Also, he had never played a Triple High C before studying with me. Concepts like Tongue Level and K Tongue Modified unlocked many things in his playing, including the upper register. You can read his testimonial about this.

Claude Gordon Music Enterprise Archived Website - Career Biography

On January of 1999 the Claude Gordon Music Enterprise website was launched. The website went offline in late 2012 after the death of Eric Swanson, Claude's stepson, which was preceded by the death of Claude's second wife, Patty Gordon, in 2011. These are archived pages from the original site. Some of the content has been condensed, combined and summarized to show all the content on each page in an easy to find manner.

Gatti's Grand Method for Cornet and Trumpet

Domenico Gatti's Grand Method for Trumpet and Cornet - Part 1

I have finally located another source for the Gatti Method. The Carl Fischer edition was what I used with Claude Gordon in the 1980s and 1990s, which was a translated edition of the original. This is the original in three volumes. I am currently using this will all of my students and myself. The Gatti Method is an essential item for any brass player's library. My favorite section of the book is where it has a scale study with models, an etude and a duet in each major and minor key. The duets are fun, operatic, and in the style of cornet solos of the past.

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Trumpet Lesson Breath Control Demonstration - Ali Daneshkhah


Ali Daneshkhah takes online trumpet lessons from Jeff Purtle and is from Tehran, Iran.

This one page etude was played in one breath by Ali after about one year of private lessons, having never had formal lessons prior to that. He also had never been exposed to many of the method books common to brass players in the United States of America.

Trumpet Lesson Assignment - Ali Daneshkhah plays Hummel Trumpet Concerto - Allegro con Spirito


Hummel Trumpet Concerto - Allegro con Spirito - Ali Daneshkhah from Tehran, Iran
Ali has been studying privately with Jeff Purtle for slightly longer than one year. Prior to this he had not taken private lessons and had little exposure to method books and various styles of music. Ali works for the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting). He looks forward to where trumpet and music might take him in the future.

Trumpet Lesson Assignment - Shawn Hines playing Clarke's Technical Studies Etude Five in one breath


Shawn Hines has studied privately with Jeff Purtle a number of years, taking trumpet lessons online since 2004. Shawn is a professional trumpet player based in the Boston, Massachusetts area and performs all over the United States of America. In addition to playing lead trumpet Shawn also leads his own jazz combos and big band. He is currently working on an album of original compositions.

Trumpet Student, Walter Civettini, from Italy


Well..I'm Walter from Italy....I'm a professional Jazz trumpet player and teacher in Italy near Garda Lake (north Italy close to Austria ) ....after 20 years of playing around Italy and Europe I wasn't happy at all because I wasn't really able to keep my standard always on the top....I used to practice 3-4 hours a day, doing warm ups (like buzz mouthpiece for 20 minutes, flow studies, etc. ,doing breathing exercises but any time I was on the stage my feeling was different.......I discovered this web site and I called Mr. Purtle.....

Trumpet Student, Jóhannes Þorleiksson, from Iceland


When I started chemotherapy eight months ago I thought my trumpet days were over for a while. But I was wrong. Not only was I able to perform in various situations but my playing and sound progressed. Of course there were many bad days because of the medicine but I learned how and what to practice. When I look back over the eight months I see that I have never performed so often and in so various fields including, symphonic orchestra, woodwind and brasswind bands, jazz quintett , funk groups, rock groups, weddings, brass quintets and the list goes on for a while.


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