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Claude Gordon Selmer trumpet ad

Claude Gordon trumpets are very special to me. I have exclusively played a CG Selmer trumpet since December of 1984, when Claude picked one for me, and I still love it. My goal with this page is to help players find these exceptional trumpets. They were modeled after the best Meha Besson Trumpets of the past, as played by Claude Gordon, Conrad Gozzo, and great players of that era. The leadpipe design on the CG Trumpets was designed by Claude in his work with Dominic Collichio, the famous custom trumpet builder of Hollywood, California.

Prior to the CG Selmer, Claude also designed a Claude Gordon Benge trumpet. The CG Benge was one of the best selling trumpets made by Benge at the time. They are easier to locate.

In 2007, both of the above Claude Gordon trumpets were re-released by Joe Marcinkiewicz. The craftsmanship on these two trumpets is excellent. The names are "CG 468" and "CG 470" after the Benge and Selmer respectively. If you have one of these to sell you may contact me about that too.

One of the important things to look for on the CG Trumpets is that they haven't been modified with a different leadpipe or bell. Those parts are crucial to the design and playing of the CG trumpets. Also, be careful of repairs done to the leadpipe and the start of the bell, where it joins the first valve.

The unique characteristics  of the Claude Gordon trumpets are that is is an extra large bore trumpet that is free blowing and at the same time easy to control due to unique aspects of the design. This trumpet is capable of being used for any kind of playing situation. This goes along with Claude's philosophy about correct practice being more important than a never ending hunt for a mouthpiece  or trumpet  to solve problems. 

You can look in the "Equipment" section of my store for trumpets being sold on consignment. Please contact me if you have a Claude Gordon Trumpet to sell. I have exclusively played a CG Selmer trumpet and CG Personal mouthpiece since 1984 and can honestly evaluate the Claude Gordon Trumpets for buyers and sellers. For a nominal fee I evaluate the trumpet and handle the shipping and transaction.



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