Purtle Brass Conferences

Purtle Brass Conference
at South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University
Inspiring Instruction In Practice, Playing and Business

 Create an account to stay informed about upcoming conferences or contact us for hosting a conference at your location or virtually. This event was one of the first virtual conferences and started on 2010. See the case study about WireCast.

Among the respected customers of Telestream and WireCast.

This unique conference focuses on practical information and skills that are essential for aspiring players, with sessions useful for professionals, teachers and students. The featured artists are always players with long proven careers, who are living examples of successful careers as players who earn an excellent income. The lessons these players share about the business side of music are of interest to all musicians and business people. This event fills a need in music education by showing how to develop needed playing skills and business skills. This is all in an encouraging atmosphere with plenty of one on one time with the guest artists, even staying in the same campus housing together. Those that watch the video online learn, but those that come in person experience the excitement first hand, coming back year after year for the motivation and inspiration to strive for excellence. 

Playlist of the entire trumpet conference: