Trumpet Harmonics by David Bertie

Paper edition from Charles Colin

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Trumpet Harmonics by David Bertie


Comments about Trumpet Harmonics from the Trumpet Community

Congratulations to David Bertie on another home run! Harmonics is one of the rare sources to directly discuss using the "K" articulation in conjunction with flexibility exercises to achieve uncannily accurate articulation in the upper register. By using iconic flexibility exercises of some of the great teachers along with Claude Gordon's physical approach to develop stamina, David Bertie has created a brilliant synthesis of ideas and approaches that are immediately useful, fun to play, and produce results. I am happy to recommend it—bravo!

Frank Gabriel Campos
Professor Emeritus, Ithaca College
Author of 'Trumpet Technique' (Oxford, 2005)

David Bertie has done a good job of isolating the needs of the would-be successful player by issuing challenges that necessitate control and focused thought for the task. Players of every level will benefit from his targeting of new techniques.

Manny Laureano
Principal Trumpet
Minnesota Orchestra

If I were still actively teaching, Harmonics would be included in my required materials list. Mr Bertie provides the performer with a detailed course of study to improve control and accuracy in all registers. I find this to be an excellent addition to the library of not only serious trumpet players but also for all brass musicians.

Dr. A. Keith Amstutz
Professor Emeritus of Music (Trumpet)
The University of South Carolina

We are delighted to broaden the Colin catalogue with a book dedicated to the study of flexibility as taught by the great trumpet pedagogue Claude Gordon, and now masterfully explained and developed in Trumpet Harmonics by David Bertie. To reiterate the sentiments of Claude Gordon’s advocates “[his] belief that the “old timers had it right” is clearly displayed here and has proven successful for those who have used this material...The valuable heritage contained within this book represents the best practice through the ages.” Our father, Charles, greatly respected Claude Gordon who, for many years, was a significant presence at our annual Brass Conference. We defer to Jeff Purtle and Chris Gekker, whose practical knowledge and expertise of this approach, is thoroughly articulated in their Preface and Foreword. We thank David for bringing this project to our attention and for his diligent research, inspired organization, and practice in producing a worthy addition to the trumpet pedagogy.

Allan Colin
Charles Colin Publications