Gary Latham - Testimonial

When I started lessons with Jeff, my goal was to find a thoughtful and purposeful practice routine that would help bring my playing into balance.  Four months later, Jeff's tutelage has helped propelled my playing to heights I honestly didn't think were possible.  My sound is much fuller and more resonant, my chops are quick to respond in all registers and dynamics, my endurance can now carry me through those grueling 2 hour gigs, and I've started to slot notes well past high G.  Jeff's intelligent and personalized approach includes a new routine following each and every lesson that weaves Claude Gordon's methods together for each player's benefit.  For me, the result has been enormous strides in playing efficiency, meaning that my focus can be more and more on making music, rather than simply hitting notes.  The notes now come to me, rather than vice versa.

I've tried many different methods, and several have brought success.  But my time taking lessons with Jeff has marked the single most productive period I have ever experienced with the horn.  In fact, studying with Jeff is the closest thing I've found to realizing "the secret" to strong trumpet playing!  So now the secret's out:  Do yourself a favor, and give Jeff a call.

Gary Latham
Austin, Texas