You have a great website -- full of interesting and informative content about Claude Gordon. The layout and navigation is superior, and it fills a void in information about Claude Gordon.

David Bilger - Principal Trumpet of The Philadelphia Orchestra
David Bilger

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Principal Trumpet - The Philadelphia Orchestra
The Curtis Institute of Music - Trumpet Professor
University of Georgia - Trumpet Professor


When all else fails - and for me it did - A systematic approach to trumpet playing and the guidance of Jeff Purtle have given me the steady progress that I've craved since I first picked up the trumpet. I've always had a real love for the trumpet, which I begun playing in school music when I was about 13 years old. The first recording of a trumpet player I really listened to was Chet Baker and I used to (try) and play along to that recording in my bedroom every night.

Christopher Healey

Brisbane QLD, Australia
Composer & Conductor

Christopher Healey - Composer and Trumpet

Jeff Purtle is a very accomplished and dedicated trumpet player.  I have known him for over ten years and highly recommend him as a teacher and performer.

Andrew Balent

Sounds Spectacular Band Method Series
Carl Fischer Publications

Andrew Balent - Composer and Arranger

My trumpet journey led me to Jeff after frying my chops on a cruise ship gig. I had been playing for almost 12 years up to that point, and was a good player, with many self acknowledged faults in my playing. I never had amazing technique, range, or endurance.  My practice sessions were always a struggle to organize when I would look at all of the exercises I had. Creating a routine was about as successful as riding a skateboard for the first time.

Kendall Kress

Norwegian Cruise Lines
Mediterranean, Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul, Greece

After going through some serious trumpet training doing a Bachelor of music in Jazz performance I still found most technical aspects of playing the horn difficult. I got to the point where I wasn't making any significant improvement over the period of a few years. The technical method I was shown was based on Bill Adams' teaching. It was not the full method and I'm not sure what this is as I haven't learned from Bill Adams myself.

Shane Spellman

Canberra ACT, Australia

Jeff Purtle’s live video lessons are empowering my trumpet comeback. His easy-to-use internet technology provides a real-time, personalized session for me each week, no matter where I travel. Jeff’s proven methodology and relaxed coaching style have reignited my passion after a 35 year layoff. Thanks to, an ‘ole dog’ can still enjoy learning many new tricks!

Mike Hottinger

Great Oaks Capital Partners, LLC
Franklin, Tennessee

When I started lessons with Jeff, my goal was to find a thoughtful and purposeful practice routine that would help bring my playing into balance.  Four months later, Jeff's tutelage has helped propelled my playing to heights I honestly didn't think were possible.  My sound is much fuller and more resonant, my chops are quick to respond in all registers and dynamics, my endurance can now carry me through those grueling 2 hour gigs, and I've started to slot notes well past high G.

Gary Latham

Austin, Texas

Gary Latham - Trumpet Player

I came to Jeff in the summer 2007 with some pretty serious chop problems going on. I had bruised myself on a gig, and just couldn’t overcome the injury by myself. Through Jeff’s online lessons, and his willingness to answer questions at any given moment, I was back to playing again in a little over a month (just in time for me to go out on a cruise ship! Thanks again for that Jeff). I highly recommend Jeff’s online lesson program to anyone of any playing level. I know that through his guidance, and the commitment to the Gordon routine, I will continue to develop as a musician.

Mike Sailors

Lansing, Michigan
Jazz Trumpet Graduate Assistant at Michigan State University
Coordinator of East Lansing Community Music School Jazz Orchestra
MySpace page

Jeff Purtle is an excellent coach, mentor and friend of any aspiring trumpeter prepared to embark on the hard yards of self-improvement.   In our four-year association, the practice routines he has recommended have turned my trumpet-playing from a seemingly aimless chore into a daily joy of realisation and discovery.  The 10-years Jeff spent learning with Claude Gordon taught him exactly how the 7 elements of trumpet-playing combine to make it an experience devoid of frustration.

David Bertie

Freelance Trumpeter
Brass Teacher
Wincanton, Somerset
United Kingdom

David Bertie and Jeff Purtle

"It's great that Jeff is passing on the wealth of knowledge from Claude Gordon. I attended some of Claude's camps in the early 80's and am currently studying with Jeff. All I can say is about this method is that if you apply yourself and do the work, every aspect of your playing will improve and become easy. It WORKS!!!"

Joe Herlong

Music Teacher
Rock HIll, South Carolina

Joe Herlong - Trumpet
Jesse Hughes

Kabul, Afghanistan

US Army Sergeant Major Jesse Hughes - Trumpet Player

When I started chemotherapy eight months ago I thought my trumpet days were over for a while. But I was wrong. Not only was I able to perform in various situation but my playing and sound progressed. Of course there were many bad days because of the medicine but know how and what to practice. When I look back over the eight months I see that I have never performed so often and in so various fields including, symphonic orchestra, wood and brasswind bands, jazz quintett , funk groups, rock groups, weddings, brass quintets and the list goes on for a while.

Johannes Porleikson

Reykjavík, Iceland
Tepokinn Band

Johannes Porleikson - Trumpet

Jeff is a great teacher, who really understands how to play the trumpet and knows how to explain it. His online lectures are pretty unique, I've never seen anything like that before. Very positive guy who truly loves music and trumpet - really, nothing is a problem for Jeff.

Vojta Jína

Czech Republic
Software Engineer at Google

I would like to recommend Jeff for anyone in the Carolina region interested in learning the Claude Gordon approach to playing the trumpet. I came to him last year with some emboucher problems, and his clear teaching and assignments helped out tremendously. I play much more relaxed now than I did a year ago. My only regret is that I had to stop lessons for financial and family reasons. But I still continue through the books. My goal was not just to increase range, but while doing the exercises as instructed, my range has increased from a good F above high C to a solid Double High C.

Jim Lynch

Greer, South Carolina
First Baptist Church of North Spartanburg - Trumpet

Jim Lynch - Trumpet

As a comeback player, I was interested in exploring different methods than I had previously studied. Over the last 6 months, weekly online lessons with Jeff guiding me through Claude Gordon’s method has allowed me to do this. All aspects of my playing have improved, especially endurance and articulation. The Claude Gordon studies have become an integral part of my daily routine that perfectly complements my other practice and performance material. Online studies work for me and I would encourage anyone interested in checking out the Claude Gordon approach to contact Jeff and give it a try.

Gregory Curry

Jacksonville, Florida

As a testimony to the effectiveness of Jeff’s book, I realized for the very first time just how much I had gained from Claude’s teachings. I was also amazed as to how much I had forgotten, while managing to learn a few things that I didn’t quite understand way back in the day.

Harry Kim

Vine Street Horns, Founder
Phil Collins
Johnny Hallyday

Harry Kim - Trumpet Player

Highly, highly recommend taking lessons with Jeff! I tried teaching myself to play, and it felt like a constant struggle with no progress. After studying with a Claude Gordon Certified Teacher, the path ahead is clear. Now every practice session feels like I’m moving forward, little by little, and things that were previously very challenging are becoming much easier. I look forward to continue working with Jeff for as long as I can.

Marc Iuliucci

Athens, Georgia

Jeff's 10 year relationship with Claude Gordon is something that most of us on the East Coast cannot draw on, and his visits to my brass pedagogy class have brought helpful exposure to Claude's teaching that my students otherwise would not have had.

Dr. Bruce Cox

Bob Jones University - Trumpet Professor and Music Department Chairman
Foundation Brass Quintet
Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Greenville, South Carolina

I started playing trumpet at 11 years old, taking private lessons for about 3 years but always used too much pressure and high notes never came easily. High C was my limit and not very strong. In the 70's-damaged my lip by too much pressure trying for high notes and didn't play for 20 years. Started back in 1998. Tried different embouchures - even drove to Staten Island for a three hour lesson with Jerome Callet. Tried that embourchure for 1.5 years - no good. Finally saw an article in the newspaper and started taking from Jeff Purtle last August 2006.

Bob Stratton

Greenville, South Carolina

I have been invited to join three bands over the last couple weeks! I'm now good enough to get invites! And your instruction was key! Thank you for the help and the valuable insights into setting up a routine.

Best wishes! Thanks again!

John Wilkinson

Austin Trumpet Company
Austin, Texas

After deciding to resume trumpet playing after a 20+ year’s on and off  break I searched the internet  to see if things had changed much with method books, teaching routines  etc,  and the name Claude Gordon kept popping up everywhere I went.  Being in Australia and part of the brass band movement, I had never heard of Claude but decided to buy Systematic Approach as it sounded ideal for me, in that it gave me a set routine to follow every day which I felt I needed.

Eric Vine

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Jeff Purtle has done an unbelievable favour to all the trumpeters in the world by preserving the teaching of great masters Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke and deciding to share it with us through his interesting website. Thanks to Jeff for his high contribution to the trumpeters' community.

Andrea Tofanelli

Italian Trumpet Virtuoso

Andrea Tofanelli and Jeff Purtle - Trumpet Players

I had been searching for four years before finding Jeff. I admit to being initially intrigued by the technology, the luxury of having my lesson in my own office, online. After only a few lessons, I began to see the improvements in my skills as the result of Jeff's systematic approach to learning. His clear communication made everything understandable and his respect for my efforts reinforcing when I flagged. We've been working together almost a year now and I have become a better and more confident player. Jeff is a rare combination: an active player who is also a skilled educator.

Dr. Pam Munter

Palm Desert, California

Jeff has helped greatly in my overall endurance and range.  In three months I was able to play material and shows I never thought I would be able to pull off, with a better tone and more dynamic range. His teaching pinpoints and solves issues quickly. 

Tim Pierson

University Of Oregon
Masters Student
Eugene, Oregon

Playing trumpet has always been difficult for me.  No matter how much time I put in, no matter how clear my concept of sound, no matter what I tried, playing never became "easy" or "natural."  After joining the Army as a musician, I started studying with Jeff.  After less than a year of study, my playing has become radically different.  My high range isn't higher, but it's more controlled, and it is no longer forced.  My sound has improved leaps and bounds.  My overall technical prowess has improved to the point that old solos that used to give me fits are easy.

Matthew Miller

113th Army Band
United States Army
Fort Knox, Kentucky

I’ve been paying the trumpet all of my life. I started in second grade and was pretty good at it from the start. I liked it and as I grew older I got serious about it. I prodded my parents to let me study privately at the Eastman School of Music, which was a good experience except that I was not that keen on classical trumpet music. I liked jazz. It was Louis Armstrong that got me hooked. My parents took me to a concert to hear him and to this day I think that was most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.

Michael Gribbroek


Jeff’s book meets a need for a wide range of audiences, not only the serious amateur player but it is an incredible review of the basic fundamentals even for the most accomplished trumpeter. Hit It Hard & Wish It Well contains the outstanding lifetime of teaching methods captured in this work. It is incredibly modernized with interactive elements of embedded video that it is an immersive experience. The diagrams and illustrations add so much insight into a much greater self-awareness of positioning of fingers, tongue, lips and much more.

Dan T. Cathy

Chairman, President and CEO of Chick-fil-A
Atlanta, Georgia

Dan Cathy - Trumpet and President of Chick-Fil-a

This is Charles Koelsch, music director at WMUU radio and host/producer of "Carolina Concerts" on the South Carolina Educational Radio Network. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jeff and Mary AllyeB Purtle for special musical events. Jeff played in my daughter's wedding several years ago and did a splendid job. He is an accomplished musician with excellent taste. I've known Mary AllyeB for many years, since she grew up in our church. I've seen her develop into a first-rate oboist, one who plays with assurance and lovely tone.

Charles Koelsch

Host of Carolina Concerts on SC Public Radio
Greenville, South Carolina

Charles Koelsch

Greetings all!
I am a comeback player after a 17 year layoff. I was a soprano bugler with the "Commandant's Own" U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps from 1986-1989, and served as a trumpet player with the 267th Washington D.C. Army National Guard Band from 1993-1995.

Robert Perry

Washington, DC
Program Anaylyst
US Army Staff G3/5/7 Pentagon

Just a note to let you know how much of a blessing your web site is to me at the moment. Its a really wonderful resource.
Yours sincerely,

Greg Wright

Great Malvern, Worcestershire, UK

What Jeff Purtle offers is what to practice and how to practice in order to become a well-rounded strong trumpet player.

Bobby Gentry

Marietta, Georgia
Pope High School student

One of the joys I experienced while playing Daddy Warbucks in 'Annie' at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC in September, 2013 was hearing the crisp, warm sound of the trumpet solo at the beginning of the overture every night.    Jeff Purtle did an outstanding job in every number and helped make a relatively small orchestra sound much bigger than it actually was.    Jeff is one terrific trumpet player!

Mike Gallagher

New York, NY
The Mike Gallagher Show

Mike Gallagher - Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Host

I think you've provided quite a resource to the trumpet playing community. Good work. Nice site. Lots of good info!

Stephen Bottom

Columbia, Missouri
Assistant Professor of Trumpet - University of Missouri

Being a band director in the midwest, online lessons with Jeff are a blessing.

David Pepin

Band Director
Center Point, Iowa

Jeff has been a very influential teacher to me in how I view pedagogy and its organization into a routine. It becomes very apparent that the most successful performers and teachers are highly organized in how they practice and teach. Lessons online demand that a teacher and student be organized and the tools and skills gained by learning and teaching are invaluable with how society is moving forward in the age of information.

Mario Silva

San Francisco, CA

Mario Albert Silva - Trumpet

You have a great website -- full of interesting and informative content about Claude Gordon. The layout and navigation is superior, and it fills a void in information about Claude Gordon.

David Bilger

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Principal Trumpet - The Philadelphia Orchestra
The Curtis Institute of Music - Trumpet Professor
University of Georgia - Trumpet Professor

"Jeff is the absolute truth about teaching trumpet!" because like his teacher Claude Gordon he knows WHAT NOT TO SAY about playing.
Although I started at 11 I was taught the wrong despite my efforts and many hours of studying all it was a frustation. As a result I quit many times and started all over again...I knew that there is another way...the CORRECT ONE...
After years (and many mouthpieces..) I found out about JEFF PURTLE  and CLAUDE GORDON methods through his site.

Stefanos Pimenidis

Professor of Economics Thessaloniki, Greece

I am so glad you are carrying on the traditions of Claude Gordon's teachings.

Also, listen to Frank Kaderabek's kind testimonial about my website.

Frank Kaderabek

The Curtis Institute Of Music - Trumpet Professor
Principal Trumpet - The Philadelphia Orchestra
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Frank Kaderabek - Principal Trumpet Philadephia Orchestra

I had given up playing trumpet for over 20 years when I began studying with Jeff in 2010. I had previously studied music performance in Montreal, Canada with Robert Early at McGill University and with the late Réal Mathieu at Vanier College who coincidentally was also a former student of Claude Gordon. I decided not to pursue music as a career and I joined the Canadian military instead but I then became sidetracked by work and other commitments and stopped playing completely.  

Carolyn Deakin

Brussels, Belgium

Carolyn Deakin - Trumpet

When I learned that Jeff was a long-time student of Claude Gordon, I was excited to both hire him to teach my students and take lessons myself.  The opportunity to tap into the pedagogy of Gordon's in a direct manner has proven a valuable enhancement to my own teaching and brass performance.

Dr. David Stern

Anderson University - Director of Instrumental Music Activities
Anderson, South Carolina

I've been extremely happy to find a great teacher in Jeff.  Also very lucky: there aren’t any advanced teachers of trumpet in my area. Jeff really knows the software to make this happen on line. He’s a true explorer and expert in this new way of teaching.  Our lessons have made a terrific difference in my daily routine, and my overall relation with the trumpet which I cherish. I’m an English prof with a very busy job and a deep and abiding love for this beautiful hobby of making music with the horn.

Dr. David Stacey

Professor of English
Humboldt State University
Arcata, California

As a comeback player, Jeff Purtle's teachings have been extraordinarily helpful. Within six months (after an eighteen year break from playing) I was playing in local community bands. Within eighteen months I was invited to play with the local community orchestra and got my first paying gig the same week!

KTM has my multiple tonguing faster and more accurate than it ever was in school. The practice assignments are so varied that I'm never bored in the practice room. In fact, I get cranky if I have to miss a day or even shorten a session.

Mark Alkire

Foothills Philharmonic
Anderson Symphony Orchestra
Greenville, South Carolina

Jeff, Your tip about tonguing with the tip on the bottom teeth made and incredible difference for me..I wanted to thank you again!!

Master Sergeant Steve Watkins

Music Director and Trumpet
United States Air Force Band Of The West
Lackland Air Force Base
San Antonio, Texas

I met Mr. Jeff Purtle online while I was looking for information about trumpet lessons and some articles on my interests in the instrument specially breathing control and endurance. It was very interesting to know this new and recursive methodological. Mr. Purtle was pleased to give me a meticulous explanation. I was playing in the Peruvian Youth Orchestra during two years and during this time I could verify the clarity and efficiency of many of the recommendations and resources that I found in the Mr. Purtles website.  

Jairo Palomeque


I began studying with Jeff Purtle in June 2016 having been a successful semi-professional player for 13 years.  I read Roger Ingram's book "Clinical Notes" and recognised myself as someone who was beginning to feel no benefit from routines designed 13years ago to keep me gig fit.  After reading about Claude Gordon's approach on Jeff's website I attempted to study Claude's books without instruction.

David Bertie

Freelance Trumpeter
Brass Teacher
Wincanton, Somerset
United Kingdom

David Bertie - Trumpet Player

As a busy player, I have always struggled to fit in the time to get coaching on a regular basis (especially on the road).

Jeff Purtle’s online lessons have solved that problem for me. But that’s not all. Jeff is knowledgeable and reliable in sharing the practice and playing method he learned from Claude Gordon.

In the 8 months I have studied with Jeff online, his methods have been key to my getting through some very demanding shows with confidence and endurance to spare.

Shawn Hines

Boston, Massachusetts

I must say that utilizing the tongue arch has really been of infinite value. I have been way too lip concious all my playing life. Once one learns to use the air and tongue the lip takes less abuse and becomes more elastic. Your advice, Clarke, and Gordon were right on!!!
All the best,

Michael Cape

Atlanta, Georgia
Augusta Symphony

I'm 'Biodun Adebiyi, an indigene of lbadan but resides in Lagos, all in Nigeria. I started as a self-tutored trumpet player sometime around 1979 . My quest for knowlege through consistent search for better players to learn from made me to become the most sought after player and virtually the best around. I played all genres of music and in almost all the 'happening' bands in Nigeria between the early 80s and 90s, including the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and the Egypt 80 band.

Biodun Batik

Ibadan, Nigeria
Lagos State University

Biodun Batik - Abiodun Benjamin Adebiyi - Trumpet - Lagos State University

I want to take lessons because I had gotten braces and I had no idea how to readjust as fast as possible while avoiding injury or learning bad habits. I remembered seeing that Claude Gordon's way of teaching was the way to lead to easiest playing and I managed to find trumpet lessons with Jeff Purtle. I immediately found that the routines and advice given are priceless, because they made me stop worrying over unnecessary things and set me in the correct mentality to become a better trumpet player overall. I don't have braces anymore and have been readjusting well.

Cesar Torres

Mariachi Trumpet Player

Cesar Torres - Mariachi Trumpet Player

Jeff is a great teacher. He owns a very informative website from where I picked up most of my information about the trumpet. I contacted him for more advice and he offered to give me a couple of lessons so that I could decide if that was something I wanted to do. I could immediately see how scientific and thorough his teaching approach was because I started making progress almost immediately. He also responded to my follow up emails promptly though he was not obliged to in any way. He just seems like a person who wants to spread the joy of music.

Vishnu Sreekumar

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

“Trumpeter Jeff Purtle dreamed of balancing a nice standard of living with an independent teaching career while impacting students from across the globe. As an early adopter of video conferencing technology, he recognized that geography was largely irrelevant to reaching these aspirations. Moving to Greenville, SC, he built a vibrant teaching business while residing in this beautiful, affordable city that is close to family.”

Excerpt From: David Cutler. “The Savvy Music Teacher: Blueprint for Maximizing Income and Impact.”

Dr. David Cutler

Author of The Savvy Musician and The Savvy Music Teacher
Keyboards for Boston Brass
Professor at University of South Carolina

Dr. David Cutler - Author of The Savvy Musician and The Savvy Music Teacher

Jeff Purtle has raised consciousness about the trumpet and its pedagogy throught the upstate. He is a fine player and an excellent communicator. He offered a masterclass at Furman University on the playing principals of Claude Gordon--it was well-received and all the students were impressed with Jeff as a player and teacher. Jeff has made a significant contributon to trumpet playing and teaching in this state. Personable and engaging, Jeff has really envigorated the musical scene in Greenville--there are few brass players in the state who aren't aware of his influence on the craft.

Dr. Gary Malvern

Furman University - Trumpet Professor
South Carolina Governor's School for Arts and Humanities - Trumpet Instructor
Greenville Symphony Orchestra - Principal Trumpet
Greenville, South Carolina

... a fantastic website dedicated to the teaching of Claude Gordon.

Dr. Michael Anderson

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
International Trumpet Guild
Oklahoma City University

I just want to thank you again for imparting some of your knowledge and expertise my way. Since taking lessons from you via the Web, I was able to play my very first "DOUBLE HIGH C" and conversely my first "Double Pedal C". When I get those notes perfected, that will give me an effective range of 5 OCTAVES!! WOW.. Never in my life have I ever had anyone explain to me how to play those notes and build good technique along the way.

Bob Wright

Atlanta, Georgia
Former radio host for KKGO (Los Angeles-all jazz)
The Unusual Suspects Atlanta
Sentimental Journey Orchestra Atlanta

As a "come back" trumpet player who enjoys playing in the Lander University Wind Ensemble for the past six years and in local dance bands, I have found Jeff Purtle and to be a priceless resource in developing my playing skills. A student "disciple" of the legendary Claude Gordon, Jeff Purtle has continued the legacy of Gordon through his exemplary teaching methods. Always challenging me with increasingly complex exercises, my skills (tone, range, & dexterity) have greatly increased in the last two and a half years from his teachings.

Eddie Seigler

CEO at Everest Scale, Inc.
Greenville, SC
Former Clemson University Football Place Kicker 1969-1972
1973 NFL 11th Round Draft Choice of the Chicago Bears

Eddie Seigler - Trumpet Lander University

Just a quick note to say I visited your web-site this week and really enjoyed the various articles, particularly your insight into the teachings of Claude 
Gordon. I'm coming back to trumpet after a 15 year break and have taken up Claude's "Systematic Approach To Daily Practice" as the central area of focus. As a result, I'm always on the look-out for information from people that studied under Claude to provide further insight beyond the information printed in his books. The info you presented was very thorough and well written.
Best of Luck.

Dan Emberley

Shoreview, Minnesota

Though I live hundreds of miles away, your online lessons give me chance to become a great trumpet player!

Winston Shaw

Kingston, Jamaica
Minister of Agriculture

It's been a year since I started taking lessons from you.  I just wanted to say thanks.  Playing the cornet has changed my life in many positive ways.  Simply having a daily routine where I know I accomplish a little bit every day means a lot to me.  Not to mention the friends I've made in the local community band.

I'm happy with where I am after a year.  I play better now than I ever did in school.  I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish over the next year.

Adam Sickmiller

Silverton, Colorado
Town Planner

I have studied online with Jeff since June 2010 from Iran, first by emailing recorded videos of my performance then online lesson and live through video chat.
I could have never imagine that it can be possible to learn online, but it happened! 

At first, I asked him some questions about Free Buzzing, Mouthpiece Buzzing and Pencil Exercises. 
I had always been thinking I am not able to play high notes and without no stability. I didn't even have a place to practice... 

Ali Daneshkhah

Censor of Music at IRIB
Tehran, Iran

Before lessons with Jeff, my practice was pretty random at best and I found that I wouldn't improve much from week to week. With the systematic approach and fundamentals focused practice, I find myself looking forward to practice each day and seeing improvements daily. Not only that, but I feel good at the start and end of practice. It used to be that I would be worn down by the end of practice where it would even affect the next day. The routines really reinforce each other and create a solid foundation including endurance and range.

Jeff Ward

Washington, DC

Jeff Purtle is the person best to carry on the work that Claude Gordon had done in his time. Jeff knows much more about Claude than anyone I know. Lucky is the trumpet player who is able to access so much information and music via your web site.

Bill Bing

Los Angeles, CA
Studio and Freelance Trumpet Player
Director of Bands at CalTech and Occidental College
California State University Northridge
California State University Fullerton
California State University Los Angeles
Biola College

Bill Bing and Jeff Purtle - Trumpet Players

Your articles are great and to the point, which of course will cause great controversy in the internet trumpet community!

Eric Bolvin

San Francisco, California

Thank you Jeff for showing me the way of more consistent trumpet playing.

Leonardo Palese

Atlanta, Georgia
The Unusual Suspects Atlanta
Sentimental Journey Orchestra

I met Jeff online while doing research for a paper I was preparing for a class on Technology in Music at George Mason University.  My topic was online music lessons and I decided to contact Jeff after seeing his fine website.  Jeff was pleased to give me a lengthy interview.  Better still, Jeff arranged for me to have an iChat with him and one of his more advanced students.  And best of all, I got to watch and “listen in” on a portion of the actual lesson. That few minutes of viewing the lesson in progress was worth the rest of my research combined.

Carlton Howard

Fairfax, Virginia

To Jeff - A fine student and player ---My Best for your success.


Dr. Claude Gordon

Famous Brass Teacher
Hollywood, California

Claude Gordon Trumpet Masterclass Playing Trumpet

After 30 years of playing the trumpet, including several years of study at a very fine Conservatorium in my youth, and even having managed to make bit of a living out of performing during different periods in my life, I was never able to fully realize my aspirations as a trumpet player. Limitations in range, endurance, articulation and speed seemed insurmountable, even with extended periods of arduous practice.

Brett Loretz

Queensland, Australia

Just wanted to tell you what a great site you have.
Very good articles, etc.
Best wishes,

Ole J. Utnes

Vestfold, Norway
Trumpet Professor - Vestfold University College

Wow! Your site looks great! I was fascinated to see that you included information on the changes in Clarke's Technical Studies. I have been quite annoyed with the changes, and I had started working on a similar page. I'm just going to link to yours instead!

Jim Buckner

Henderson State University - Music Department Chair and Trumpet Professor
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

I initially contacted Jeff because I was interested in finding a Claude Gordon trumpet. I was working out of the CG method on my own for A few months beforehand and after I was able to acquire a CG trumpet with the help of Jeff, He offered to give me lessons. My progress has increased tenfold with weekly lessons with a teacher who is well versed in the CG method. There is only one way to play a brass instrument correctly and with proper development and patience, anyone can learn to play correctly and not only that, but attain a range of double high C and beyond.

Joey Epstein

Chicago, Illinois

Joey Epstein - Trumpet

I have been working with Jeff on a regular (weekly) basis to improve my trumpet playing skills. I am what one would consider a comeback player that required extensive work and encouragement, since I had not played for almost 20 years. He is a disciplined teacher with an approach to trumpet playing that has greatly improved my skills and performance level. My improvement was gradual due to my personal constraints of finding the time to practice the varied exercises and routines prescribed by Jeff.

Ray Grzybowski

Conestoga Wood Specialties, CFO

I started playing the trumpet when I was very young, but I always had problems with my embouchure, and lips. I stopped playing the trumpet at age 24 after, while playing in a band, hit the trumpet player in front of me causing a blow to the lip.

When I went to Canada, I was in a music store looking for some books and the words "BRASS PLAYING IS NO HARDER THAN DEEP BREATHING" caught my attention and I was very excited.

Sergio Frade

Freelance Musician and Lead Trumpet player
Lisbon, Portugal

I found Jeff by chance when I entered a key word search into my browser.  I typed all the key words which I felt were lacking in my trumpet playing.  A quote from Jeff Purtle came up which "hit the nail on the head" so I clicked the link and found Jeff's excellent website.  Jeff called me and soon thereafter our internet lessons had begun.

If you want to get your playing in order and learn all the things that a great teacher can give you from the comfort of your current location, you have to do yourself a favor and contact Jeff.

Peter Vogelsang

Peter Vogelsang - Canada
President - Time & Money Planners

Jeff Purtle - an extremely knowledgeable, highly competent, and caring brass instructor and trumpet performer.  After studying with many prominent trumpet teachers in the NYC area, Jeff was one of the few teachers that got me from point A to point B in a relatively short time.  Before long, I was on my way to point C and beyond.  The weekly routines and constant feedback helped me become a more consistent and confident player.  I highly recommend Jeff to any player of any level to seek out Jeff's expertise on brass playing.  You will not be disappointed.

Joe Romano

Chops Horns
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Joe Romano - Trumpet Player

Well..I'm Walter from Italy....I'm a professional Jazz trumpet player and teacher in Italy near Garda Lake (north Italy close to Austria ) ....after 20 years of playing around Italy and Europe I wasn't happy at all because I wasn't really able to keep my standard always on the top....I used to practice 3-4 hours a day, doing warm ups (like buzz mouthpiece for 20 minutes, flow studies, etc. ,doing breathing exercises but any time I was on the stage my feeling was different.......

Walter Civettini

Lake Garda, Italy

Walter Civettini - Trumpet from Italy

I came across your site and enjoyed what I saw.
The Claude Gordon method really changed the way I play for the better!
Thank you,

Rodney Lancaster

New York, New York
Soloist and Clinician

I’m Matt, an aspiring professional trumpet player and teacher from the UK. I started playing trumpet aged 10 and picked up every bad habit you could think of. At aged 18 I was playing lead trumpet in a Latin band and at the end of the gig the inside of my mouthpiece was covered in blood and I knew I had to sort my playing out now.

Matt Parkinson

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

I find that the online system developed by Jeff Purtle allows me to keep up my chops and do lessons just about from anywhere.

Blake Dournaee

Senior Product Manager at Intel Corporation
San Francisco, California

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for sharing your talent with us at Katherine & David's wedding. We were told by so many people at the reception and afterwards that the music for the ceremony was beautiful especially The Our Father. It was very moving and very beautifully played.
Thank You, Virginia Flesher

Carl Flesher

Former Vice President at BMW Manufacturing Co. in South Carolina
Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research
Greer, South Carolina

Carl Flesher

I began studying with Jeff out of desperation.  I was studying jazz trumpet at the master’s level and simply could not perform like I needed to. Jeff assured me that trumpet playing was not that hard and I must say he turned out to be right. After a few months I began to realize that tongue level and airflow were far more important than embouchure and I began having “good days” regularly.  After a few more months of lessons I began getting compliments from my professors and fellow students saying my playing had really opened up. I now enjoy playing the trumpet easily everyday.

Jonas Butler

Graduate Assistant and Masters of Music in Jazz Trumpet
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Jeff Purtle and his website is an essential gate to first class brass teaching. 
Not only does Jeff keep the invaluable Claude Gordon material and teaching philosophy alive and up to date, but Jeff himself is an inspirational and influential teacher who shows great care and dedication in getting the best results for all his many brass students worldwide.

Philippe Schartz

Section Principal Trumpet - BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Principal Trumpet SEL, Luxembourg

Philippe Schartz and Jeff Purtle - Trumpet Players

Studying with Jeff brought to me the opportunity to understand the importance of Habits. When practicing our daily routine, this point must be acknowledged as important as what, how and why we do each study. If we stick to it, give time, no hurry, the results come in time. Be patient, follow the seven natural elements of brass playing and that’s it.

Paulo César Ribeiro

Trumpet Professor of Minas Gerais State University

Paulo César Ribeiro - Trumpet