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This well known book is used by students of the Carmine Caruso Method.

Claude Gordon's "Brass Playing Is No Harder Than Deep Breathing" should be read as a contrast to this.

This Professor of Trumpet at the Central Conservatory in Beijing, China has composed an extraordinarily well organized 40-page book of flexibility studies which spans the elementary to advanced levels. A new standard text for brass embouchure flexibility which deservedly joins the pantheon of other such studies by Schlossberg, Irons, Colin, Smith, etc.

This book is kind of like a variation on Charles Colin's Advanced Lip Flexibilities book

This is from a series of books by Pappy Mitchell also called Mitchell on Trumpet.

This is from a series of books by Pappy Mitchell also called Mitchell on Trumpet.

Claude Gordon used to say that every trumpet player needs two things, Clarke's Technical Studies and good food. This is one of the most essential books that you will never outgrow. Each time through this book will yield more fruit as it develops finger dexterity and breath control and other refinements. It is loaded with concise pithy wisdom from Clarke. See my article entitled "Clarke's Technical Studies, Then and Now" about the original text vs. the later 

The Bass Clef version was arranged by Claude Gordon with notation by William B. Knevitt.

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