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This book is modeled after scale patterns from Hannon's Piano Studies. They start on pedal C and work-up chromatically as high as possible. This is intended to be the next step after completing Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach To Daily Practice. Each study is also intended to be done with about 20 models of articulations. This book is demanding, but gives the player great facility in playing over their entire range.

Currently the Bass Clef edition is out of print. However, we are able to maintain a limited stock and they will be available for instant purchase if there isn't an "out of stock" indicator.

Read what great artists say about Claude's teaching and books.

This is a compact little book with excellent flexibility studies to master. It serves as an excellent part of a daily routine that could quickly give the player agility for the day's work ahead.

This excellent book has 30 challenging etudes in all keys from zero to seven sharps and flats and all the related minor keys, complete with double sharps and double flats. It is challenging in various aspects of agility, accuracy, range and endurance. The title might be slightly deceiving in that this book is not to develop range. The opening section of the book has a series of two octave scales up to G above High C to be done several times in one breath. Range should be considered a prerequisite before attempting this book. The etudes only go to a High F above High C. But, the accomplishment is being able to play each two page etude with perfect accuracy at the metronome markings specified.

In 2012 Rich Willey was part of an organized pedagogy panel at the Brass Conference. The panel examined the teachings of Claude Gordon, Jimmy Stamp, Bill Adam, and Donald Reinhardt as Jeff Purtle moderated questions that compared and contrasted these four unique views represented by longtime students of each of these teachers. This and all the other conference sessions were captured on video, streamed live, and will be made available on this site in the future. 

Read this book and Claude Gordon's Brass Playing Is No Harder Than Deep Breathing book to get and accurate understanding of how the Claude Gordon concepts provide a way to understand all other methods and what the universal truths of brass playing are. 

Rich studied with Dr. Donald Reinhardt for a long time and was an appropriate representative of The Pivot System point of view. Rich Wiley also is an accomplished trumpet player, having played the second trumpet jazz chair with Maynard Ferguson, written several books, and his jazz combo performs regularly at Asheville, North Carolina's famous Grove Park Inn.

This book by Earl D. Irons contains valuable advice in the introduction along with an illustration of the tongue, which shows how all the great flexibility books are really "tongue level" studies. The end of the book also contains some interesting tonguing exercises. This book has exercises from a moderate to advanced level of difficulty.

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