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This is one of several essential books that every brass player should own along with tongue level studies such as Charles Colin's Advanced Lip Flexibilities, Earl Irons' Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises, Claude Gordon's Daily Trumpet Routines, and of course the appropriate sections of the Arban Method and Saint-Jacome Method.

This was Herbert L. Clarke's first of four method books. It is an excellent introduction to playing and reading music. However, it is lacking some of the technical exercises that should be assigned by a teacher. Claude Gordon's Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing is one of several books that would likely be used along with with book.

Students, it seems, invariable do not understand the principles of warming up correctly nor practicing wisely. . . we spend an awful lot of energy playing rambunctiously and while this ebullient spirit is a good thing to have, we could direct it to better use. Instead of literally spraying the are with 10,000 notes, we could be ahead ot the game by practicing a careful series of passages such as outlined by Thiecke. . . . I am delighted to welcome this new edition which is faithfully reproduced by the publisher, to the trumpet repertoire. . . Excerpt of Preface by Mel Broiles.

This etude book is one of the staples of the trumpet world. It is filled with beautiful music that develops both technique and musical expression and is rewarding to play year after year.

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