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The text of this book is only in Japanese. However, it contains some excellent range study material similar to Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach to Daily Pracitce book.

Masashi is a good friend and native of Japan.

This is an essential book of flexibility and tongue level studies. The one word that summarizes this book is "control." This books requires more creativity to work with it in that you must not play it sequentially as you can with other books.

This is a french horn method organized in a manner similar to the Arban Method, with it's different categories of exercises and information. It is both an excellent method book and source of important information.

This is an interesting book of arpeggio studies and interval studies that have a contemporary sound to them and at times are unpredictable. These develop different aspects of tongue level to a high degree similar to the later parts of Claude Gordon's Tongue Level Exercises.

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