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This is a fantastic etude book with studies in all major and minor keys.

Each study contains scales, a technical etude with various articulation models, then a contrasting etude that is more melodic in nature. The book covers each Major Key and the Relative Minor Key associated with it. Mastering every key should be essential to any musician and this is one of the tools to do that.

CC1006 Advanced Daily Studies By Dr. Charles Colin. This noted study book was originally published as "Daily Warm-ups with Vital Brass Notes" before revision by Dr. Colin. Purpose: To increase skills in transposition, build stronger lip muscles, increase range and endurance and breath control and to develop skilled and secure finger and tongue coordination.

This is the piano accompaniments to the famous solos found at the end of the Arban Method. This book has gone out of print in the past, but every serious player who owns the Arban Method should own this too incase they ever want to perform those solos.

This is an all time favorite of many players. Charles Colin and Claude Gordon were good friends, with Claude speaking at the Charlie Colin's New York Brass Conference and Claude using Colin's books with all of his students. This books should be in everyone's library and will serve to teach the player how it is possible to play easily over the entire range of the trumpet. The concept of tongue level is also briefly talked about in this book, which shows the common ground with Claude Gordon.

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