Morse Code Key from Radio Shack

This is my first Morse Code key I bought from Radio Shack and put on a block of wood while making a pinewood derby car for Cub Scouts. I learned Morse Code in first grade and earned my FCC Novice License later when 5 Word Per Minute code was required for everyone. I soon after earned my Technician, General, and Advanced License with my mom driving me a couple hundred miles to the FCC Office in Long Beach, California to take the tests at that time. I passed the 13 Word Per Minute code required for the General and Advanced License but failed the 20 Word Per Minute code for Extra Class. After college I got back into Ham Radio and had my code up to at least 35 WPM and passed the Extra License easily. My Uncle Bob Tucker (WA6RXF) and my Aunt were both Hams and even my mom, Trudy Purtle, passed her Novice with the 5 WPM code. Uncle Bob gave me my first HF Radio that was a Kenwood TS-520S and some older friends of his drove to Bakersfield from Arizona and we all put in a multi band vertical antenna that did 80 Meters through 10 Meters. However, Uncle Bob would not give me the microphone until I at least passed my General. I did only code with that manual key and later bought an Iambic Keyer and used code later with that. Sending even Morse Code is similar to having steady rhythm in music. Morse Code is still the most efficient mode of communication when conditions are the worst on the radio. I am so thankful to have been introduced to this hobby and meet so many interesting friends over the years.