Jeff Purtle's studio is in Greenville, South Carolina. In addition to in person, Jeff teaches trumpet lessons online over live webcam video chat. Jeff has been teaching private lessons since 1984 and pioneered teaching trumpet lessons online and brass lessons online in 2004, with students now on every continent.

Online lessons have many advantages. More is accomplished with weekly lessons that catch bad habits sooner, adapt to the student's needs, and insure more consistent progress with the time spent.

Some students that live outside the USA take a combination of Crash Course Lessons in person and Online Lessons weekly. A Crash Course involves several long lessons and then leaving with specific assignments for a month or more of detailed practice routines. The nearest international airports are GSP, CLT and ATL and the local GMU airport that is a 10 minute drive from Jeff's studio. Following Crash Course Lessons with weekly lessons always gets the most results for the time spent.

Developing as a player is a process and consistent correct practice is valuable. Weekly lessons, either in person or online, are important for anyone hoping to play their best.