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The Claude Gordon mouthpieces all have the same rim size and contour. This gives the most consistent feel possible when changing between Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn.  The outside design is based on Claude’s own design. This outside design has been maintained to aid in the identity of the Claude Gordon Series.

Claude Gordon Personal - Mouthpiece Identification 
For identification Purpose the CG Personal mouthpiece is now marked with his name spelled out and with  the letter “P”for Personal. This mouthpiece is a V cup design with your choice of a #20 or #22 drill. Claude felt these and all models were aerodynamically correct and his finest achievement in mouthpiece design, enduring for a player throughout their career. It was this strong passion that led Claude to lend his name to it as the “C.G. Personal” now marked Claude Gordon P.

Claude Gordon 3
Designed for the bugle and used by trumpet players as well, the CG3, now called the “Claude Gordon 3” is based on an earlier Claude Gordon design, with the exception of the outside shape which was standard at the time. This mouthpiece has a bowl shaped C style cup and is shallower, (see specs.) than the Claude Gordon P model. With the permission of Patty Gordon and for identification purposes, we agreed to keep the outside shape the same as the Claude Gordon Personal mouthpiece and will do so on all other Claude Gordon designed mouthpieces within the Claude Gordon Mouthpiece Series.

The Flügelhorn mouthpiece is also available with a Cuessnon shank.

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Claude Gordon Mouthpieces by Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc.