Matthew Miller - Testimonial

Playing trumpet has always been difficult for me.  No matter how much time I put in, no matter how clear my concept of sound, no matter what I tried, playing never became "easy" or "natural."  After joining the Army as a musician, I started studying with Jeff.  After less than a year of study, my playing has become radically different.  My high range isn't higher, but it's more controlled, and it is no longer forced.  My sound has improved leaps and bounds.  My overall technical prowess has improved to the point that old solos that used to give me fits are easy. Finally, though I don't have the practice time that I did as a performance major, my  playing continues to improve. If Jeff's teachings have made such a difference in my playing, then anyone else will easily be able to become a great player following his instruction.  I wouldn't be able to do my job without studying with Jeff!

Matthew Miller
113th Army Band
United States Army
Fort Knox, Kentucky