Mark Alkire - Testimonial

As a comeback player, Jeff Purtle's teachings have been extraordinarily helpful. Within six months (after an eighteen year break from playing) I was playing in local community bands. Within eighteen months I was invited to play with the local community orchestra and got my first paying gig the same week!

KTM has my multiple tonguing faster and more accurate than it ever was in school. The practice assignments are so varied that I'm never bored in the practice room. In fact, I get cranky if I have to miss a day or even shorten a session.

The Claude Gordon method is at once very specific and very flexible, but is never presented in a pedantic fashion. And who better to study with than the guy who studied with the guy who studied under Herbert L. Clarke?!

When I ask Jeff about a specific problem with my playing he subtly modifies my practice routine to deal with the shortcoming and it usually shows improvement within a week and sometimes improves immediately.

I look forward to a long life of trumpet playing and Jeff has given me a strong base from which to grow and I recommend him to players of all ability levels.

Mark Alkire
Foothills Philharmonic
Anderson Symphony Orchestra
Greenville, South Carolina