Eric Bolvin - Testimonial

Your articles are great and to the point, which of course will cause great controversy in the internet trumpet community!

Eric Bolvin
San Francisco, California

Eric Bolvin Obituary

Eric Bolvin, age 62, passed away on May 16, 2023 in Campbell, CA. He was an award-winning musician and composer, and a well-known and respected teacher and publisher of educational books. Eric's career in music spanned four decades and he recorded on over 50 CDs.Eric received his Bachelor's degree in music from San Jose State University. 

Eric Bolvin Biography

Musician, Educator, Producer and Performer

Eric Bolvin is an award-winning California Composer/Arranger with a schedule that includes playing, writing, teaching, and producing music. As a session player and arranger, Eric has recorded over 50 CDs for A&M Records and Mesa/Blue Moon Records. He has played or recorded with Richie Cole, Dave Liebman, Dee Daniels, Wayne Bergeron, Tom Scott, Dave Weckl, and Dennis Chambers; as a composer and arranger his works have been performed by Jerry Bergonzi, Russell Ferrante, Jeff Lorber, Greg Adams and many others. Eric’s lush, soulful trumpet playing demonstrates why he was charted in 2008-2009 on Smooth Jazz Radio, playing on 85 stations nationwide and his songs and cues are currently carried by some of the industry’s top libraries and have appeared on many TV shows and networks.

Eric has signed a one-album deal with Innervision Records for his upcoming release, “No Boundaries” and is affiliated with ASCAP as a writer and publisher (Faded Duck Music).  Eric uses Pro-Tools, Reason 4 with Pianos & Drum Kits, Spectrosonics Omnisphere, East-West Quantum Leap Gold, Midi EVI with Roland JV-1010 and Yamaha vl70m.  Eric Bolvin has released four solo CDs on his EBjazz Records label; Eric Bolvin’s Quorum in 2002, The Night, The Rain And You in 2007, The Lost Recordings in 2008 and Workin’ It in 2009.

Eric owns his own publishing company, Faded Duck Music, which currently publishes his books and compositions. Eric is the author of The Really Big Student Songbook, The Arban Manual, The Modern Jazz Trumpet Method and Tongue Level & Air-26 Lessons to Efficient Trumpet Playing.