Dan Cathy - Testimonial

Trumpet Lessons with Jeff Purtle

Jeff’s book meets a need for a wide range of audiences, not only the serious amateur player but it is an incredible review of the basic fundamentals even for the most accomplished trumpeter. Hit It Hard & Wish It Well contains the outstanding lifetime of teaching methods captured in this work. It is incredibly modernized with interactive elements of embedded video that it is an immersive experience. The diagrams and illustrations add so much insight into a much greater self-awareness of positioning of fingers, tongue, lips and much more.
This is a very efficient and effective way for me with a busy schedule to get a lot accomplished and get a lot of insights in a short period of time. It enables self-evaluation in a meaningful way without getting into a rut.
Jeff has captured such a breadth of information and knowledge that this will be a companion piece of a serious musician’s library. This is a living document that never grows old.


Played these horn tracks and thanks to your good coaching for the high F at end!

Sound Cloud Recording

Dan Cathy
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