Bob Wright - Testimonial

I just want to thank you again for imparting some of your knowledge and expertise my way. Since taking lessons from you via the Web, I was able to play my very first "DOUBLE HIGH C" and conversely my first "Double Pedal C". When I get those notes perfected, that will give me an effective range of 5 OCTAVES!! WOW.. Never in my life have I ever had anyone explain to me how to play those notes and build good technique along the way.

I first started playing trumpet when I was 8 or 9 years old. My first teacher told me that Maynard Ferguson , Cat Anderson, Roy Eldridge, and other high note players were all freaks of nature and that they used trick mouthpieces and other phony techniques to get those ranges and it was not an acceptable range or method. I wish I had a mentor like you then. I would probably be playing a lot better with great range and stamina.

There may be other techniques that help achieve the progress I have had in the past 6 months but the Claude Gordon Method and your instruction has helped me tremendously. Even other members of the 4 or 5 Big Bands and Jazz Combos I play in around Atlanta have made comments that my taking lessons from you has improved my reading, range, technique, and tone.. Would not be enjoying playing trumpet as much as I do if I had not regained most of skills I had 25 years ago without your help. Definitely my range is getting to be a very consistent F / G range and occasionally an A above high C.

I look forward to playing better , higher, more consistently, better quality of sound, and just enjoying myself immensely. Thanks again.

Bob Wright
Atlanta, Georgia
Former radio host for KKGO (Los Angeles-all jazz)
The Unusual Suspects Atlanta
Sentimental Journey Orchestra Atlanta