Scale Sheets for Trumpet and Brass Instruments

The following scale sheets and musical vocabulary terms are for the South Carolina requirements used for All-State Band and Region Band.

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Flute (JuniorClinicSenior)
Oboe (JuniorClinicSenior)
Bassoon (JuniorClinicSenior)
Bb Soprano Clarinet (JuniorClinicSenior)
Eb Contra Clarinet (JuniorClinicSenior)
Bb Bass/Contra Clarinet (JuniorClinicSenior)
Alto and Baritone Saxophone (JuniorClinicSenior)
Tenor Saxophone (JuniorClinicSenior)
Trumpet and Cornet (JuniorClinicSenior)
French Horn (JuniorClinicSenior)
Trombone (JuniorClinicSenior)
Bass Clef Baritone and Euphonium (JuniorClinicSenior)
Tuba (JuniorClinicSenior)

Music Terms (JuniorClinicSenior)

For more work on scales I suggest the following books from the online store here:
Arban's Complete Method
Clarke's Technical Studies
30 Velocity Studies

This is a breath control demonstation from Clarke's Technical Studies Etude Five, which is a scale study in C Major.