Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris Reinterpreted by David Bertie

From the Foreword, by David Baldwin:

Here is a trumpet book that has been waiting 90 years to become a classic in the advanced trumpet etude repertoire. David Bertie has taken on the monumental task of completely re-imagining every aspect of this work. Aaron Harris first published this series of violin studies and technical calisthenics in 1930. While an impressive body of work, it has never become widely used by trumpet players because of its many shortcomings.

…With David Bertie’s superb revision, this “new” book is easily on the same level as the etudes by Theo Charlier, Walter Smith, or Chris Gekker. These pieces are not just for violin anymore. A trumpet player can now develop his or her skills to be as sophisticated a musician as any violinist on a Stradivarius!

Comments from Trumpeters throughout the Industry

“I am so glad this is happening - I have owned several Harris Studies books over the years, lent out and, sadly, lost track of. When I first came to Eastman as a freshman, I bought my first copy. Allen Vizzutti was two years ahead of me at school, and I learned very quickly how much these studies meant to him. You can imagine the power of Allen's stamp of approval on any aspiring trumpet student! The Harris studies are superb for learning to play in tune in all keys, gauging intervals and developing control in all registers. The advice Mr. Bertie gives is valuable and very wise. lf people really follow his recommendations they will benefit from studying this book in a very deep, profound way. Thank you for sharing this with me.”

Chris Gekker

“The Aaron Harris 'Advanced Studies' has been one of my favorites since my undergraduate days. Despite some flaws, it was special to me because it was the first time I found the unaccompanied works of JS Bach arranged for the trumpet. These and all of the other interesting studies presented an exciting challenge that was different from any other materials I had worked on. Although some of it was beyond my ability to play at the time, I didn't consider it impossible, just waiting for mastery. And so I have continued to find new challenges in this wonderful book even to this very day! With David Bertie's superb scholarship and the incredible David Baldwin assisting, this underrated gem has been polished to a new luster that will capture the eyes and hearts of another generation of trumpeters.”

Frank Gabriel Campos

“This book is a perfect example of David Bertie’s attention to detail and even more valuable to my teaching than the previous edition. Claude Gordon would have been excited to see this and been proud of David for taking things further with pedagogy, skill, and artistry.”

Jeff Purtle

“David Bertie has brought back a great addition to the trumpeter's world. The Aaron Harris book has some really important and challenging studies that really should NOT be missed and it's nice to see them in the new format. David has also separated the work from the pleasure parts, the etudes are in their own section which really makes them more accessible. Great music and a perfect addition to any and all trumpet players that don't mind a little work for a future of great improvement. Thanks David”.

Jon Lewis

“The cleaning up, researching and organizing of the Aaron Harris book is a great idea and an impressive accomplishment. There are unique things about the book making it an excellent addition to our literature. I love the complete exploitation of keys. The varied levels of etudes are useful and offer the opportunity to study many aspects of trumpet playing through music rather than just exercises; potentially offering years of study. I like the organization of the etudes and studies and think “The New and Expanded Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris” should be a staple for every serious trumpet player.”

Allen Vizzutti

“I think Dave has achieved something quite remarkable in taking on the huge challenge of editing the Harris Etudes & Technical Exercises and in so doing, bringing them to a wider audience. He gives sound advice on how to approach the playing of them and I’m sure they will become the natural successor to the Smith Top Tones.”

John Hardy

"What an inspirational book, and great credit to David Bertie for the detective work he undertook to painstakingly revise and improve this volume of work! I am not aware of any other book that explores scales in such detail, covering every key equally, not just the popular ones, and in doing so provides a challenge and point of reference for even the most advanced players. Trumpet players on this side of the Atlantic are mostly unfamiliar with the Harris studies but I think this publication will change that. The violin origin of the etudes makes them extremely challenging for the trumpet player, taking you well out of your comfort zone which is essential to developing your potential. The musical content is of the highest quality and I very much look forward to working through the studies and sharing them with my students."

Peter Turnbull

“The New and Expanded Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris is an extremely impressive achievement. Chock full of great exercises and etudes, it’s fresh and very complete. I also love the clean look of the engraving. Great job, David Bertie.”

Michael Anderson

“As a professional trumpet player and teacher with over 30 years in the business Dave Bertie's improved edition of the Aaron Harris Advanced Studies is a welcome addition to my library. The book has been meticulously researched, presented and edited; all hallmarks of Dave's own playing and his never ending hunger to learn, improve as a player and all with sound well- grounded historical background knowledge. These studies are for advanced players and even then a challenge but a challenge worth taking up in the interest of being the best we can possibly be.”

Paul Denegri

"Wowww, it looks so challenging - - - - GREAT JOB - - - - Thank you for sharing."

Arturo Sandoval

"It is so refreshing to see these studies return, attended to with loving care and with due credit given to the composers and teachers that contributed to this important book. These etudes were integral to my studies at Juilliard with William Vacchiano and I look forward to having them on my stand in this new, more comprehensive format. Bravo, David Bertie!"

Manny Laureano

- Afterword -

It took David Bertie, a consummate and inspired musician, to recognize the inherent value - and provenance - of the original Aaron Harris compilation of studies, and transform them into a superb and thorough three volume trumpet method. Recognizing the elements that would enhance and complete these studies David devoted, extraordinary time, effort and creativity reassembling, refining and expanding the work - creating a new “classic” for the advanced trumpeter.

We are so grateful that David had approached us with this ambitious project and know how wowed Pop would be by David Bertie and by this accomplishment. We appreciate the widespread recognition of this edition from artists in every facet of the industry and feel optimistic that “The New and Expanded Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris”, (affectionately referred to as “The Bertie Book”), will become part of the aspiring and advanced trumpeter’s collection of practice and teaching material.

Allan Colin
Charles Colin Publications