Aaron Harris' Advanced Daily Studies - Harris Daily Routine - Progressive Order

History of this book:

This is a book originally written by Harry Glantz, then attributed to Aaron Harris but now released by Charles Colin with the code CC1006. In the Colin edition the original author(s) are not mentioned and the cover looks different but it is the same book.

There were also two different versions of this book in regards to the layout. I now have both versions for sale on this page. The difference is in the arrangment of the exercises. One book has the exercises grouped by keys and the other book has the exercises all by exercise all together in every key.

This book and The Thiecke Method (also called The Art of Trumpet Playing) are favorites by Bill Adam students because of the outwardly expanding exercises. In my years with Claude Gordon we throughly played both versions of the book.

The first example below is the standard version and the second version is titled "Progressive". When you select the book keep that in mind.