I'm 'Biodun Adebiyi, an indigene of lbadan but resides in Lagos, all in Nigeria. I started as a self-tutored trumpet player sometime around 1979 . My quest for knowlege through consistent search for better players to learn from made me to become the most sought after player and virtually the best around. I played all genres of music and in almost all the 'happening' bands in Nigeria between the early 80s and 90s, including the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and the Egypt 80 band. Those days l was practicing for about 10 to 12 hours daily but then l couldn't figure out what went wrong later, my embouchure went awry -maybe due to wrong technique. I even went to Ghana in search of someone to bail me out of this problem. This frustration made me abandon trumpet playing several times. Finally in 2011 l decided to shelve trumpet playing and that was when one of my trumpet students discovered Jeff Purtle and he encouraged me to talk to him. After several exchange of mails and phone calls, I made my very first trip to Greenvile, South Carolina in October same year, a trip that has totally changed my orientation about music business generally and trumpet playing particularly. The 1 hr lesson and counselling l received has greatly and magically corrected (and is still correcting) the foundational errors l imbibed. For economic reason, l would have attended his conferences and other teaching programs, but l'm preparing to meet him again this year. He is also a jolly great fellow!

Biodun Batik - Abiodun Benjamin Adebiyi - Trumpet - Lagos State University
Biodun Batik

Ibadan, Nigeria
Lagos State University