Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of two new trumpets. Available through an exclusive aggreement with Claude Gordon Music Enterprises this hand crafted instrument will be offered in both .468" and .470" bore sizes.

The advantage of buying from is that all trumpets are play tested and given an un-biased evaluation based on almost 30 years of playing the CG Trumpet.


Bore Size

Lead Pipe

Bell Bore

Bell Bead

Claude Gordon 468


CG 468


4 3/4"

Claude Gordon 470

.468" / .470"

CG 470


4 3/4"

The first 25 orders will receive a special Limited Edition Model regardless of which bore size is preferred.
-24 Karat, Gold Plated finger buttons, top and bottom valve caps
-The option to purchase our gold in the bell upgrade at half of the normal price

Standard Features

-Finish Layered in Sterling Silver
-Lightweight One-Piece Hand-Hammered Bell (4 ¾” Bead)
-Lightweight Nickel Leadpipe
-Solid Nickel Balusters
-Two-Piece Valve Section (to insure quality and precision)
-Monel Pistons (with silver plated ports and spring barrel to protect against corrosion)
-Classic Water Keys*
-1st Slide Thumb Throw/Saddle (optional)
-3rd valve Slide Lock
-3rd valve Slide Ring

* Amado Water Keys (optional) at no extra cost

All trumpets come with a Protec case and the standard Marcinkiewicz trumpet mouthpiece of your choice.

Claude Gordon Trumpets by Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc.