Bb Trumpets

Claude Gordon Selmer Bb, Serial #495, with Bob Reeves Valve Alignment
This was selected by Claude Gordon in December of 1984 while I was only 16 and still in High School. The bore is .470" with modified resistance to feel more like a medium-large bore horn. The bell has a wider taper giving a fuller sound and it is very lightweight to produce a full spectrum of color in the sound. The upper register (i.e. High E and above) feels more responsive and free blowing than any horn I have ever played. The CG Selmer allows the player more freedom and control over their sound in order to play in every setting without the need for more than one Bb trumpet.

Claude Gordon Selmer Bb, Serial #2060, with Bob Reeves Valve Alignment
Purchased in April of 1997 from Patty Gordon. This is my main horn I practice on at least 3 hours a day. It is awesome!

Claude Gordon Benge Bb, Serial #20000
Purchased July 2005 from Gary Gordon's widow. Gary Gordon was Claude Gordon's son and this was given as a gift. Gary passed away in 1988.

C Trumpet

Claude Gordon Selmer C, Serial #2164 with Bob Reeves Valve Alignment

Purchased in April of 1999. This is one of a very small number produced. It could potentially be the best C trumpet I have ever played. It replaced a Large Bore Bach with a 229 Bell and a Malone MC2 leadpipe and a Bob Reeves Alignment.


CG Personal

Rim shape same as CG Benge mouthpieces (i.e. narrow, rounded, and tapered on outside). This all results in a free blowing mouthpiece that helps to produce a full sound in all registers. I have played only this mouthpiece since August of 1984 along with the CG Selmer Bb trumpet, since December of 1984. I firmly believe that the search for the ideal mouthpiece is one of the worst traps to fall into. Correct practice on a consistent basis without changing equipment will produce consistent results and rapid progress without wasting money and time.

Bb/A Cornet

Boston 3 Star "NE PLUS ULTRA", Serial #18044, made in 1907.
This is a real cornet from the period of virtuoso cornet soloists, with .472" bore and two mouthpieces. My favorite one for the sound is twice as deep as a modern trumpet mouthpiece and has a #18 drill size. The smaller one has a #19 drill size and is a little shallower. Everything is original including the case. It was my surprise gift from my wife for Christmas of 2000. 

Piccolo Trumpet

Schilke P5-4, Serial # 34612 with Bob Reeves Valve Alignment 
Purchased March 2000. This replaced a Burbank Piccolo that was the only other model of Piccolo I was satisfied with. A third valve ring was added by Ron Pinc to make it similar to the Butler Guyer model. 

D/Eb Trumpet

Schilke E3L, Serial # 7456 with Bob Reeves Valve Alignment
Bought from Geoff Hufford in July of 1997, previously owned by his dad, Ken Hufford.

Flügel Horn

Yamaha YFH-635T, Serial #1316, lacquer with Bob Reeves Valve Alignment
Bought in late 1986 with the help from Brad and Kacey Kintscher.
This model is no longer made and is identical to current Bobby Shew YFH6310Z model. 

Herald Trumpet

Getzen Super Deluxe, Serial #86337, lacquer

Alp Horn

Stocker F#/F, Serial #9114 with a Stocker 20.5mm i.d. Mouthpiece


Miraphone BBb TE-186 (Tuba Exchange Model), Serial #15101
Conn Helleberg Mouthpiece
Previously owned by Jeffrey Allen, who was a student of a local tuba player named John Sizemore.
The funny thing is that my name is "Jeffery Allan" Purtle.


Bach 42TG with Thayer Valve and Gold Brass Bell
Bach 5G mouthpiece
Slide aligned and set-up by the Slide Dr.

French Horn

Conn 8D French horn 
Giardinelli C1 mouthpiece

Other Equipment

Walt Johnson Gig Case for Trumpet
MusiChem Pro Oil Hybrid 141 A7 valve oil
MusiChem Rotory Oil with Corrosion Passivator CBPRO 
Slide-O-Mix trombone slide lubricant
Boss DB88 Talking Metronome
Denis Wick Trumpet Straight Mute (first choice) 
Tom Crown Trumpet Straight Mute (second choice)
Tom Crown Non Paríel Soft Straight Mute (for soft passages) 
Denis Wick Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute (first choice) 
Humes and Berg Stonlined Trumpet Cup Mute (second choice) 
Jo Ral Aluminum Bubble Trumpet Mute
Humes and Berg Stonelined Bucket Mute (first choice) 
Jo Ral Aluminum Trumpet Bucket Mute (second choice) 
Humes and Berg Stonelined Plunger Mute
Humes and Berg Stonelined Solo Tone Mute
Denis Wick Piccolo Trumpet Straight Mute
Tom Crown Piccolo Trumpet Straight Mute
Tom Crown Piccolo Trumpet Cup Mute
Tom Crown Piccolo Trumpet Copper wah-wah 
Denis Wick Tuba Straight Mute 
Konig and Meyer Trumpet Stands (5 leg) 
Konig and Meyer Flügelhorn Stand (5 leg) 
Konig and Meyer French Horn Stand 
Konig and Meyer Trombone Stand 
Konig and Meyer Tuba Stand

Recording Studio

Apple, Inc. computers, hardware and software
Logic X (Digital Audio Workstation)
MOTU interfaces
Final Cut X, Motion X, and Compressor X (Video Editing Suite)
Finale (Music Notation Software)
Monster Cables