Inviato da Jeff Purtle il Ven, 05/13/2016 - 12:25

Well..I'm Walter from Italy....I'm a professional Jazz trumpet player and teacher in Italy near Garda Lake (north Italy close to Austria ) ....after 20 years of playing around Italy and Europe I wasn't happy at all because I wasn't really able to keep my standard always on the top....I used to practice 3-4 hours a day, doing warm ups (like buzz mouthpiece for 20 minutes, flow studies, etc. ,doing breathing exercises but any time I was on the stage my feeling was different.......I discovered this web site and I called Mr. Purtle.....

Well I don't have word to say thank you Jeff... You know what to do when one trumpet player has problem's...After only two lesson's I played my first double Eb with "Systematic Approach"(Claude Gordon) ...I feel more relax and happy....

Grazie Maestro!

Walter Civettini (ITALIA)


Jeff Purtle is a trumpet player and brass teacher, he is such a great person. This provides a good system of practice when you don't have private teacher. The long tone (with dynamics) exercises at the beginning are greate for building breath control, good tone, good attach, and range. The advice of providing sufficient rest between exercises is great. I would add more flexibility.. exercises and scale studies earlier than this system. Also learning online is such a great idea, I appreciate those who provides such stuffs online. Visit Write my essay, for writing related queries.