I started playing the trumpet when I was very young, but I always had problems with my embouchure, and lips. I stopped playing the trumpet at age 24 after, while playing in a band, hit the trumpet player in front of me causing a blow to the lip.

When I went to Canada, I was in a music store looking for some books and the words "BRASS PLAYING IS NO HARDER THAN DEEP BREATHING" caught my attention and I was very excited.

My thought was: “Can I finally play again?” "Easier?" I asked if they had more books by this author (Claude Gordon) in the store and they had the “SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO DAILY PRACTICE”.

That is when I started studying trumpet again. I read carefully what C.G. said in the book “HOW TO PRACTICE AND WHAT TO PRACTICE”.

In 2005 I met Jeff and we talked about having lessons. I told him I was Portuguese but was living in Canada at the time . I came back to Portugal and started playing professionally.

After 11 months of studying with Jeff, I played for the first time my TRIPLE C.

Now I play more comfortably, with more endurance, and easier, more power too. This is awesome. Anyone can do it. Thanks Jeff for helping me.

Sergio Frade - trumpet
Sergio Frade

Freelance Musician and Lead Trumpet player
Lisbon, Portugal